Terms of Use

    1. General – This site (https://www.frdiamond.com) (“Site“) is owned, operated and managed exclusively by and/or for F.R. Diamonds (“F.R.D.“) whose contact details are as follows: address:Hsne 14 Ramat Gan phone number:+972543979234 fax number:+97237517030, e-mail address: info@frdiamond.com.
      1. Use of this Site – use of Site, purchase of items presented or offered in it (“Items“) is subject to your agreement to comply and accept all of the terms and conditions specified in Site (collectively “Agreement“), and by continuing to use this Site you hereby represent that you are over 18 years of age and of legal capacity to enter this Agreement and purchase Items via the Site and hereby consent to be fully bound by all such terms and conditions. If you disagree with any of terms or are not certain as to its implication or interpterion– DO NOT USE THIS SITE OR PURCHASE ANY OF THE ITEMS.
      2. Amendment – F.R.D. may at its sole discretion and without issuing any notice amend the terms stipulated herein, add or annul any term and the revised terms will bind all users of Site. By using this Site you agree to be bound by such amended terms and conditions. In addition, F.R.D. may at any time and without notice, remove any Item, change its price, limit its delivery to any location etc. 
    2. Purchase of Items – 
      1. Price in Israel – VAT will be added to the price presented to customers entering the Site from Israel and/or making delivery to Israel. In the event you fall within the one of the above categories and due to any fault of the Site or otherwise, the VAT charge wasn’t presented to you, please note that you shall be required to pay it in accordance with relevant law, and by using the Site and/or purchasing any Item presented on it you consent to pay such VAT charge even if not presented and waive any right to the contrary. 
      2. Means of Payment – payment for Items on Site is only possible with the following credit cards: Visa, American express, Mastercard F.R.D. will not be liable if for any reason, any credit card is denied.
      3. Completion of Purchase – once you have completed the purchase process on the Site, your order will be sent to F.R.D. for final approval and an e-mail indicating that the purchase had been completed will be sent to the e-mail address provided by you. Please note that you may not cancel or change your order once placed. 
      4. Finalization of Purchase – within 4 business days of your order arriving F.R.D. and subject to its approval, an e-mail containing the details of the transaction, Item/s purchased and means of contacting us will be sent to the e-mail address provided by you (“Purchase Details’ Document“). Please make sure you have entered the correct e-mail address. F.R.D. reserves the right to cancel any transaction due to an error in the purchaser’s e-mail address without notice or obligation to try and make contact with you through other means of communication.
      5. Delivery – delivery of purchased Items will be made to the address entered by you as part of the purchase process. Please verify that you have entered the correct and accurate address and in the event of any mistake please contact us immediately via or e-mail and telephone and provide us with the details of your purchase, the correct address and address mistakably entered by you. Please note that delivery is made by a third-party international carrier and F.R.D will not be liable for incorrect delivery made due to insert of wrong address by you. Therefor we urge you to verify the correct address had been entered prior to completing the purchase process. The supply time of the Item should not exceed 30 days from compilation of purchase. If you have not received the Item or was not contacted by the carrier within such time please contact us through our e-mail address. Please note that delivery may not be possible to certain locations not covered by our carrier and in such an event we will either contact you for alternative address or cancel the transaction and you will be fully refunded for any payment, of a canceled transaction, already made by you.
    3. Taxes – F.R.D. recommends that prior to making any purchase, you will consult with local tax experts with regards to any: taxes, VAT, tariffs, levies or surcharges (collectively – “Taxes“) which you might be charge with in relation to purchasing, importing or receiving Items via the Site and/or in relation to returning any Items to F.R.D. under our Refund and Return Policy and subject thereto. F.R.D. will not bear any such Taxes.
    4. Privacy – Information about Your privacy can be reviewed in our Privacy Policy as available on the Website.
  • Refund and Return Policy – we at F.R.D. want you to be satisfied with your purchase. Therefor if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase for any reason you may submit a request for cancelation of the transaction (by clicking on the “Return” button on the Site’s home page and following the steps detailed there), return it to us and we will refund you for the payments you have made all subject to the following terms:
  • The terms of this Section ‎5 will not apply and customer will not have a right to return an Item nor receive full or partial refund if such Item had been altered or customized in any way in accordance with customer’s requests (e.g. change of ring size, etc.). For avoidance of doubt the above mentioned in this Section  ‎5.1 shall not be construed as representation or obligation by F.R.D. to adhere to any such requests and with the exception of modification of ring’s size – all Items are sold “as is” and will not be modified in any way.
      1. The customer has filled in all of the details requested in the cancelation form (which can be found under “Return” in Site) and returned the Item in the package in which it was provided, unblemished and unused with the original invoice or copy thereof. Please note that in order to verify the above, upon receiving the Item, F.R.D. may submit the Item to be examined by a certified expert of its choice in order to verify the returned item’s compatibility with the specifications of the Item purchase, as stipulated in its gemological certificate and its description in the Site, and in the event such expert determines that the two items are not identical and/or that one or more diamonds/gems had been replaced or is missing then F.R.D. will not obligated to accept the returned Item. You agree that the opinion of the abovementioned expert shall be final and accepted by you and you waive any right or claim for reexamination by such or other experts, provided that such experts report and findings (or copy thereof) will be delivered to you upon your request.   F.R.D. will refund you within 14 days of receiving the Item subject to the terms of this Section ‎5. 
  • Customer request to cancel the purchase of a certain Item and its return to F.R.D. must be made within 14 days of such Item reaching the customer. The Item will be returned to F.R.D. by personal delivery and via a certified carrier service to the address specified above, and during business days and at standard working hours. Customer shall bear the cost of returning the Items in full including any associated cost (e.g. delivery, Taxes, etc.). In addition to bearing the costs of returning the Item, F.R.D. may deduct from the refunded amount the lower of: 5% of the Item’s price or NIS 100 and the cost of credit card’s clearing, it is charge with, (which will be determined individually by issuers of relevant credit card/bank or other third parties in accordance with their discretion and agreement with credit card holder).
  • F.R.D. will not accept or make any refund in any amount for any Item which it received not in full compliance with the terms of this Section ‎5 and any such Item will be returned to customer at customer’s expense.
      1. Warranty – In the event the Item is defected due manufacturing fault, or in the event the Item you’ve received differs from its description in the Purchase Details’ Document you may return it to us and we will fix the defect or replace it with similar item or refund you for the price of the Item (all at our sole discretion) for no additional charge. The warranty shall not apply for loss of jewelry or part of the jewelry including any diamond or other gem or gemstones nor would it include damage caused by improper and/or unreasonable use of the Item and/or reasonable wear and tear including break, tear, bending of gold. Defects not covered by the warranty will not be cured by F.R.D. and the Item will be returned to customer at customer’s expense. In order to save the costs of delivery of Item for defect/issues which are not covered under this warranty, we recommend that prior to sending the Item you will contact us by e-mail and specify your contact details, a copy of the invoice, detailed description of the defect and at least one clear photo of the defect. 
    1. Limitation of Liability – 
      1. Availability – please note that unless otherwise specified, F.R.D. shall only have a single Item of each of the Items presented on the Site. In the event more than one user started the purchasing process of the same Item, the Item will be sold and delivered only to one customer (in accordance with F.R.D. full discretion) and F.R.D. will not be liable for any compensation to the other user/s. Also please note that while F.R.D. makes efforts to continuedly update the information and available Items on the Site, as with every computer software and database from time to time some mistakes or faults may occur and Items may appear with an incorrect price or Items already sold may appear on the Site or the purchase process will not be completed, or certain features will not function adequately, etc., F.R.D. will appreciate any complaint or question with regard to such problems but will not be liable for any damage or loss caused due to such faults or other faults which impaired user from fully using the Site and completing the purchase process.
      2. Accuracy – we at F.R.D. make great efforts to provide you with an accurate description of the Items and have added photos which faithfully depict the Items, however please note that due to numerous factors (photos quality and angle, light, screen’s quality, etc.) you might find that the Item purchased slightly differ from one or all of its photos on the Site and by using the Site and purchasing Items you hereby agree to accept such differences and exempt F.R.D. from any liability for such apparent differences or inconsistencies and F.R.D. will not be liable for any such differences and such differences will not be construed as fault and will not grant purchaser remedy including under the terms of the Warranty as detailed in Section ‎5.5 above. 
      3. In no event and under no circumstances will F.R.D. or any of its owners, employees, contractors or representatives will bear any responsibility or be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential loss or damage including, without limitation, any fees, statutory compensation, damage in tort, loss of profit etc. – due to or resulting or associated with the Site, any text, photo, video therein or any information (textual, graphical or audible) that was submitted by F.R.D. or any of the above via the Site or in response to a transaction, or communication initiated or related thereto.
  • Intellectual Property (I.P.)– the Site’s design and contents including, without limitation, all photos, logos, descriptions, terms etc. on this Site are the property of F.R.D. and user may not use, copy, alter any of the above. Furthermore, as a condition for using the Site you hereby warrant that you will not, directly or indirectly take any action that might infringe upon F.R.D.’s rights or negatively impact F.R.D.’s or other user ability to use, operate or manage the Site and/or its contents.  
    1. Law and Jurisdiction – The validity and effect of those terms and conditions shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel. Any dispute arising under or with respect to these terms or Site or purchase of any Items and or delivery thereof shall be resolved exclusively in the appropriate court in Tel- Aviv.
  • Entire Agreement – these Agreement is the sole and only agreement between you and F.R.D. (and any of its owners, employees’ contractors, service providers or representatives).
  1. Termination – F.R.D. may for any reason and without prior notice close, or limit entrance or certain actions in the Site or terminate its activity or the Site’s activity and you will not be liable for any compensation.