Will my credit card details be stored on the site after a purchase is made?

We at F.R.Diamonds value your privacy and do not save your credit card details on our website.

How will I know that the purchase has been successfully performed?

A receipt and confirmation will arrive via Email.

How can an order be updated once it is performed?

So long as the jewelry has yet to be sent, you can send us an email or a fax and we will make any required changes.

How will the shipment arrive?

Your shipment will arrive directly at the customer’s house via a courier.

Will I receive a tracking number?

A tracking number will be Emailed to you, and you will be able to follow its location via the shipping company.

How can I be certain that my diamonds are genuine and of the cited grade?

F.R.Diamonds will provide you with both AIG and IGL certificates confirming the authenticity and quality of your stones.

What makes F.R.Diamonds the most reliable source of jewelry for the discerning customer?

A multi-generational family occupation in the world of diamonds, extreme probity, and reliance on the international gold standard gemological assessment of AIG and IGL. You can feel confident in our hands.

What parameters are used to grade my diamond?

Your diamond is graded according to weight (using super exact measurements), cut (ranging from poor to ideal), clarity (10 clarity grades ranging from IF, ‘ Internally flawless’ to I3), and color (ranging from D- colorless, to Z- Yellow).