Rivki FRD

F.R.D is a diamond jewelry manufacturer.
We are the 3rd generation of diamond dealers, members in the Ramat Gan – Israel Diamond Exchange. Our business is trading diamonds and manufacturing jewelry, serving clients in Israel and abroad. We are happy to present you with a wide and beautiful variety of diamond jewelry, including wedding rings, rings, bracelets, tennis bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc…

Embedded with diamonds as the client desires.

As a family working with diamonds for so many years, we emphasize the quality of

our diamonds and jewelry – and, above all else, excellence of service to our clients.

Each piece of jewelry has an AIG or IGL gemological certificate for the diamond.

The IGL.AIG certificate reliably and accurately describes the diamonds, using a rating based on the world’s accepted rating system.

Each diamond is analyzed by several gemologists to provide a perfectly accurate description of its quality and characteristics.

As members of the Diamond Exchange, we can provide our clients with the best prices and without any third-party fees.

We can resize any ring as needed with no extra charge.

Our core values are uncompromising quality, excellent service, quick handling, honesty, and reliability.

Our client know that a purchase made with us is a safe and reliable purchase – without compromise.

Note that our side is secure and the financial transactions are completely protected.